Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to Iron Your Garment Properly

Many housewives claim that they hate cleaning as it's a time-consuming chore and often ends with a damage. To help you deal with that tedious task, we asked cleaners London to give us several tips how to iron properly. Here is what we got:

Check the Label

If you aren't still used to check the clothing label before ironing, then you should make a habit of yours. Before ironing, cleaners London advise that you check the label to ensure that the fabric is iron-safe. You should do this especially, when you have to iron clothes made of angora, silk, chenille or polyolefrin.

Choose the Right Settings

When determining your iron settings make sure that your follow the fabric guideline to prevent any damages. If the cloth you're going to iron requires a steam setting, then you don't forget to fill the water reservoir.

Spray the Fabric

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and spray the cloth before ironing. Cleaners London expain that water will relax the fabric and you'll easily smooth all wrinkles.

Iron in One Direction

Most of you dear housewives may not be used to iron in one direction, but according to cleaners London this is the right way to iron as you don't give wrinkles any chance to come right back.

Allow the Clothing to Cool

With the great number of chores waiting to be done, you may not have time to wait for the garment to cool before moving it from the ironing board, but this may cause wrinkles that you'll have to iron again. So if you don't want to iron your garment more than once, then wait a few seconds.

Following these five simple ironing tips, you'll save time and efforts. If you need advice how to deal with any chore, feel free to ask your questions, our team will do our best to find the tips you need.


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