Friday, 18 November 2011

Getting Off Mustard from Carpet

Every Saturday my daughter invites some friends over and sometimes they even have a sleepover. Cleaning after one child is one thing, but cleaning after a couple of children is very different. Usually kids these days pick what they eat so it is not an easy job to feed them. When they have a sleepover I usually order pizza, hamburgers and rarely hot dogs. Kids enjoy having a lot of condiments on their food so usually a lot winds on the carpet.

Next day when I discover the damage I usually stumble upon a lot of stains on the carpet, sometimes I even find food. The worst stains I have to deal with are the mustard stains. According to professional cleaners W4 mustard is not very hard to get off the carpet but still it is a handful. When I see the results of the party on the carpet it makes me dizzy.

Usually I have a couple of cleaning tricks up my sleeve that come quite in handy when I have to treat those mustard stains. In general mustard is thick substance and sticks to the carpet fibre easily, which makes it harder to clean. Also it's distinguishing yellow colour is very difficult to remove and to clean. Do not despair as the cleaners W4 say, to every problem there is a solution:
  1. Since most of the stains are already dry, start by scraping the mustard with a spoon or a knife.
  2. Make a cleaning solution that includes dish wash detergent, a little vinegar and cool water.
  3. Apply the solution on the stain and leave it a little while. Make sure that all stains are wet, that means that the mustard is not hard.
  4. Use a paper towel and start blotting until no more of the mustard comes off the stain.
  5. Use some lukewarm water to wash off the cleaning solution and blot dry.
  6. Leave the carpet to dry.
  7. In the end simply vacuum it to clean the dirt off.


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