Monday, 21 November 2011

Cleaning the Pool after a Party

Everybody likes big houses with pools. This automatically makes you very famous in your neighbourhood. Having a house with a big yard and a pool usually attracts a lot of attention. Not only because it is a nice thing to see but also because it is a suitable place for pool parties.

Usually people have these parties on the weekend nights. Well if the weather is warm that is. People enjoy to have a nice swim suit party with cocktails. It is just super to invite your friends and neighbours and just to listen to music have a couple of drinks, play some games in the pool. It always is a nice relief from the working week.

The only thing that is a unpleasant part of the party is cleaning after it, especially the pool. Usually after parties it is a good idea to call the professional cleaners bloomsbury but if you want to do the cleaning yourself here are some tips you might use:
  1. Start by removing all the thrash, leaves and bottles from the pool.
  2. Scrub the edges and walls of the pool and the automatic system will handle the rest.
  3. Many people have been in the pool so shock the pool to disinfect it and to preserve the transparent look of the water.
  4. According to professional cleaners bloomsbury you should get pool shock detergents that are suitable for your filter system.
  5. Don't forget to spread the powder in little amounts around the edges of the pool as well.
  6. Simply cover the pool after that and it is ready for the next party.


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