Thursday, 8 December 2011

When is the best time to do the cleaning?

The floor that you can eat a piece of bread from if it suddenly falls, the bathroom that shines like Alp snow, the windows which seem like glassless and you can see everything very clearly through, this all sounds like a perfectly clean house which is only possible once, when you’re just moving in. However, if you are not leaving the cleaning for the end of the month (or even worse – the end of the year), it’s quite possible to always be able to invite guests and don’t feel ashamed of your place.

It might seem like impossible mission to you, but actually you don’t have to do the cleaning every day, if you do some small things daily, weekly cleaning is enough. There’s nothing worse than old stains and dirt that has been there since you were a kid, these are almost impossible to get rid of, but if your place was actually clean when you moved in (as it is supposed to be if the previous tenant called one of the move out cleaning London companies or did it himself well enough), it will be easier for you to keep it that way.

When you accidentally split jam over your carpet, for instance, don’t leave it for later, put some cleaning liquid (ask in the shop for your specific material and colour, so that the carpet don’t lose its appearance) and do the carpet cleaning at once. Later you will spend much more time to get it away. This also concerns all the other surfaces in your home, especially such furniture as sofas and chairs, bath and toilet and of course dirty dishes, don’t collect them for ages. It’s not only about having your house always neat, it’s also about saving your time and money, since you will not have to buy too expensive cleaning equipment and waste time trying to get the dirt out and away. So get rid of your laziness and keep it clean!


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