Friday, 2 December 2011

Using Coca Cola as a Cleaner

Everybody has drunk Coca cola at least once in their lives. People enjoy drinking this drink, it goes good almost everything. It goes good with meals, alcohol, sweets almost everything. And the thing is that no one has cracked the secret recipe of coca cola yet.

I enjoy buying coca cola in the house. All of the family members enjoy this drink and usually we consider it our favourite drink after water of course. There are always some cola leftovers from dinner that we throw away. So I found out a new use for cola in the house.

Did you know that coca cola can be used as one of your cleaners Northwood Hills around the house. It turns out that coca cola contains some sort of acid and it is not that good to drink all the time. But still it helps a lot in removing rust from a lot of metal objects.

Here are some methods to use coca cola as one of your cleaners Northwood Hills around the house:

  1. Pour all the leftover cola in a glass or a cup it depends how big is you metal object. Put it in a way that it all sunk in the cola.
  2. Leave the object in the cup till the morning.
  3. In the morning take out the object from the glass or the cup and brush it with a tooth brush. You will see that the rust will fall off or it has already fallen.
  4. If the stains are not gone repeat the process with fresh cola and never drink the leftover cola always throw it away after using it.


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