Friday, 20 January 2012

How to Maintain a Berber Carpet Clean

Berber carpets bring exotic look to the interior. Originating from the north of Africa, Berber carpets may be hand woven, or more often from Olefin fibers. The best fact about them is their relative stain resistance. Unlike normal carpets, Berber ones are made of different in size loop piles, that are  durable and cheaper than other carpet types. 

Berber carpets are preferred in areas of high traffic as offices and etc. Such a carpet in the living room will add comfort and colour. Follow the professional advice of carpet cleaning London, before attempting to clean one of these North African home accessories. 

Depending on the material the carpet is made of, treatment may differ. Having in mind that any Berber carpet has a looped plates structure, the rule of regular vacuum cleaning is applicable in this case of carpet cleaning, too. Dust is the worst enemy of all fabrics, and carpets usually accumulate piles of it. Dust can be found and removed first underneath the carpet. Rugs and carpets of this type are prone to getting over soiled and as dirt may get deep in the fibers, dry cleaning is recommended. No to low-moisture is the best way to remove stains. Do not use alkaline detergents as Olefin can get undesired yellow stones. 

In case of a spill on your Berber carpet, the right thing to do is to act quick and blot. Use club soda or seltzer water to prevent the stain from penetrating deeper. If any shampoo is need, plain dishwashing soap, is best, as it is toxin free. 

Another way to get stains removed is to blot with paper towels and transfer the stain to the paper. Make it from the back to front and do not let the malicious substance get any deeper.


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