Monday, 23 January 2012

Remove Garden Weeds Safely

Garden weeds are a common problem. There is no garden without the green little fellows that take the nutritions, the light and literally suffocate your plants. Many try removing weeds with harsh pesticides that can virtually kill all life forms near by. If you are up for an organic garden then you should definitely try to remove garden weeds safely using only household staples.

One of the major mistakes most gardeners in Gardening services London admit to having done in the past is to go for the chemicals when total weed extermination is needed. Now the times have changed and gardening is greener than ever. It is now possible to remove all weeds without even getting your hands dirty and pulling. There are simple remedies for any weed problem you can solve using salt, vodka or vinegar. Strange as it seems, you should see it to believe it. Save money and time and save your harvest.

Vodka is a weed slayer – due to its high alcohol percentage vodka can kill all known bacteria and germs. Regard it as a rubbing alcohol, it can deal with any weed. Prepare a spraying solution of 30 ml vodka with few drops detergent and spray on the desired area. Spray on the weeds leaves and if you are lucky to do it on a sunny day, the plant will dry and quickly wither, this is what garden clearance London recommends.

Salt is already in soil and by increasing its concentration you can make it hostile to all possible growth. It is important treat with salt only the areas where you don't intend to seed anything. Salty soil is inhospitable and this is one of the major reasons for the infertility of the desert.


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