Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Boys and the Mess They Make

Do you have children? I have two boys and work as a full time mum. This is quite tiresome, as I not only have to cook, clean, and play with them, but in the end of the day I must also deal with the mess they have made during the day. There are evenings in which I fall asleep before the sun has set.
And don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my life and my little ones, although I'm complaining most of the time. I just need some rest. I wish I could switch with my husband for at least a day, that would be awesome.

But let me tell you about the mess my little men make every day:

We have a big chest at home, which is full of Lego parts and toys. The whole content of the chest is taken out every day, and the floor in my children's room, and sometimes in the living room, gets covered with toys. It takes me one hour every day only to de-clutter their toys. But this is just the beginning.

The fun part comes when they take their crayons out and start painting. The thing is, though, that my boys don't like paining on sheets of paper, they prefer the walls. Their rooms sometimes starts looking like the home of a graffiti artist. My husband pays for the services of cleaners Kensington W8 almost every month, because we can't remove the crayon stains on our own.

If think that the above is terrible, let me tell you what happens when the food fight starts. I don't know how they learned about this method for having fun, but it is not fun to me at all. The minute I leave them in the kitchen alone while they are having lunch, the fight starts. And when I get back everything is covered with food. No matter what they are eating, they start throwing, and the kitchen becomes muddy and awful. I clean for hours after the food fight.

It is not an easy job to be a full time mum, but it is a pleasant one. My boys might make our house look bad, but it is quite inspirational to see the glimmer and happiness in their eyes.


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