Thursday, 3 January 2013

Post-Hoilday Cleaning Tips

The new year is here and holidays are over, so it's time to gather all your strength and clean up the mess in your home. After the busy season of shopping, decorating, cooking and organising, it's time to get into a cleaning mood and get more organised for the new year. You may have a long list of tasks you should do from putting away the Christmas tree and taking down the lights to cleaning the oven, don't freak out, because here are some simple and efficient cleaning and organising tips which will help you deal with the mess quickly.

Discard your Christmas tree 

Although your kids may grumble about the discard of the tree, you should carefully explain them that Christmas is over and the tree needs a rest. If you have a real tree, you should take it outside on the right day. I recommend that you put the tree into a plastic bag before getting out. If your Christmas tree is made of plastic, then place it into a box or bag. 


Take down the holiday decoration. 

Be very careful when removing the outside lights, because it's always easier to say than to do it. Make sure that you wrap each individual stand around a piece of cardboard, thus you'll save plenty of time next year when you unravel them. If your children want to take part in the post-holiday cleaning, you can let them help you with the decoration ornaments(if there aren't too expensive, fragile or valuable) wrap each ornament with newspaper and put it into a box. This way you'll avoid damaging any item. Once you've finished taking down holiday decorations, label the box “Christmas decoration”. This will save a lot of time on searching for the right box next Christmas. 


Clean the guest bedroom. 

If you've had overnight visitors for the holidays, then don't forget to change and wash the sheets, blankets and towels. Vacuum the floor and dust the room to make it look and smell fresh. It's a great time to refresh the mattress and pillows. 


Living Room Outlook 

After the holidays are over, your living room is probably covered with hidden post-holiday debris. Begin with gathering all items which aren't supposed to be in the room. Make sure that you check areas such as the areas under the couch and behind the cupboard for any wrapping paper. Unfortunately, holidays often cause bad stains all over the house and especially on the carpet. If there are any spots you can identify on your carpet, I advise you to call a professional carpet cleaning company. I always contact a local company 'Fantastic Cleaners Cricklewood' which offers hot Christmas deals. 


Kitchen Cleaning 

If cooking is one of your hobbies, then post-holiday kitchen cleaning may be a difficult task as kitchen may probably be the busiest room in your home during the holidays. Start with washing all holiday dishware and place it back to its usual storage space. Give your refrigerator a deep clean up as well. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor. If your oven is a real mess, it's a good idea to use professional oven cleaning services in order to ensure that there will be no food residue left. Here are some deep kitchen cleaning tips you can follow to naturally clean your kitchen. 

Last, but not least, housekeeping will help you burn some extra calories after the holidays. With these helpful post-holiday cleaning tips, your home will be fresh and ready to start the year sparkling clean!


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