Monday, 4 February 2013

How To Dry Clean Carpets?

Do you have a big, expensive, beautiful carpet at home? Of course you do at least one, because there is nothing comparable to the soft touch of a high quality carpet on your bare feet. But owning one cam be trouble. Just imagine, all the time you have to spend cleaning it and the money you have to invest into detergents. And do I even have to start with the chemicals they contain, even some of the 'green' cleaning solutions contain toxic substances, hidden behind the label 'trade secret'.

Why Dry Cleaning?

And there is another factor you have to consider, is your carpet moisture sensitive? You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Most of the carpets made from natural fibers are intolerant to moisture, it can cause permanent damage and make them kennels for dangerous bacteria. Moreover carpet shampooing can leave sticky residue which will attract more dust and dirt, thus you'll have to clean it again soon.

My personal recommendation is to use dry cleaning method, it has many advantages. It is gentle to the fabric and no moisture is used, so there is no risk for the carpet. It is fast, safe and removes all stains and grime and the best thing you can walk on it right after you're done cleaning it. It is crucial to vacuum the carpet before starting the procedure and make sure there are no wet stains, because this can prevent the proper work of the machine and the whole process.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

If you have decided you can manage it on your own, get a cleaning machine and choose the detergent, there is powder, foam and spray. Here is how the tool works, you apply the chosen detergent on the carpet and let it sit for five to ten minutes. You turn on the machine and move it around like a regular vacuum cleaner. With its spinning motion it will loosen any soil and dirt build ups and activate the cleaning agent which will dissolve any stains.

The now dirty powder will be sucked from the carpet via powerful vacuum and you'll have nice and clean carpet. Raking may be needed to fluff the fibers and if possible a protective coating can be applied. This will keep your carpet from staining. And now you're ready to invite guests into your clean home. Of course the process require some time and if you don't have it contact a professional carpet cleaning company.


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