Friday, 22 February 2013

Tips for Proper Organizing of Your Refrigerator

The proper food storing is essential in terms of maintaining good hygiene, retaining the actual taste of the food and its quality. A team of specialists providing services in cleaning Silvertown was asked to share some advice and here is what they said:

1) Eggs are to be best kept in the middle shelf in the refrigerator. That’s the area which is most consistent in terms of temperature and eggs do not generally respond well to sudden temperature fluctuations.

2) Milk, yogurt and other dairy products should be kept on the bottom shelf since it is the coolest place in the refrigerator.

3) Any raw meat should also find its way there, as far in the back as possible. There is another issue to consider when choosing this particular spot, say the consulted cleaners in Silvertown – if there are accidental spills of meat juice from the package, they are much easier removed.

4) Vegetables stay fresh longer in moist places. Usually refrigerators have special humidity drawers designed for storing vegetables, so use them.

5) Fruits on the other hand prefer dry places. They usually also have an assigned dry (or crisper in some cases) drawer they are to be put in. Just do not get them out of their original packaging, or at least put them in a plastic bag.

6) Butter and cheese are amongst the products that can be kept in the door compartments. This is the warmest place in the refrigerator.

7) Ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, jars of pickles and salsa and other condiments usually have lots of vinegar and salt in them. That means they have natural conservants in them. You can safely leave them on the door shelves. Olive oil can even be left outside but any nut oils, sesame and walnut oil should be in the refrigerator.

8) As for orange juice, it depends on whether you bought it in a carton pack (this one you can be place on the door of the fridge), or you just made it at home with a juicer (in that case, it belongs to the coldest parts in the back of the fridge).


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