Friday, 8 March 2013

Creative Architecture in Australia - The Bridge House

Trough the centuries, residential architecture has developed into a desperate attempt to satisfy the evergrowing needs of customers. Today, it's not a beautiful garden that catches the eye of a customer, but the architectural shape of the house. We see strange houses and community buildings appear all around the world. A house made in a rock, a house turned upside down or an office made of structures with unnatural shapes combined in one are a sign that people need a break from the classic architecture. Architecture's need of change is growing and it will continue to create new strange-shaped residential and commercial buildings.

Max Pritchard, an Australian architect, received an order to create a design a house in a beautiful lot that is separated by a seasonal creek. The main idea was to be create a remarkable house that doesn't spoil the natural beauty of the lot and uses a limited budget. That's how the architect came to a decision to build a house by easy to recycle materials that stands above the creek, just like a bridge.
The narrow house spans over the creek. It stands on two steel trusses that form the primary structure. There are windows glazing each side that open the house to views in both directions. It gives the feeling of living amongst the trees. The eco-features of the house include solar floor heating, solar water heating and a rooftop water catchment system. There are electricity photovoltaic cells located on the roof that power the house. It's an eco-friendly house with a simplified structure that can be either a perfect get-away for the weekend or a place to live all the time. 
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