Monday, 4 July 2011

The Unreal World of Advertising

The world of advertising can make us think we are not good or smart enough for what we do or how we live.

The truth is though, we are just as good as we have to be considering that we live in the real world. However, the imaginary world of advertising constantly tries to make us feel unhappy simply because this is among the best ways to make us, the customers, buy.

Just think about the things we see in the TV commercials – perfect families, shiny smiles, sunny weather and etc. Is that really possible? If you ask me – no. How can somebody imagine that a modern housewife who works for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, with 2 children and a busy husband can find time for all the house work. Things like carpet cleaning, cooking “the most delicious meal in the entire world”, helping the kids with the homework and all this with a wide smile on her face. That's nonsense.

The truth is that we, the real people, sometimes feel angry, frustrated or sad. We don't want to clean everyday or to buy the latest released cleaning detergent on the market. Actually, some people don't want to clean at all. But no matter what's the reason for our unwillingness to clean we still live in a clean and healthy environment. In the real world this is possible because of the cleaning services offered by the carpet cleaning London companies. We can always call them which guarantees us that the job will be perfectly done and in time.


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