Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Methods for Dry Cleaning Your Carpet

Dry cleaning means cleaning your carpet the waterless way. It is called dry cleaning because it doesn't need much time to dry and it is ready to use. There are many ways to dry clean your carpet so I am going to show you a couple.

One way is to use some absorbent powder. Usually the way to use it is to apply it to the carpet and then vacuum it. It is a good way for cleaning because the carpet can be put to use immediately but it may be useless against some heavy stains. 

Other way for carpet cleaning is to use rotary floor machine wth a solution tank and a shower feed brush.It is a good method for cleaning because it provides excellent absorbing and removes dirt easy however it can soread the stains more if not used properly. Using incorrect brushes can make the dirt sink some more in the carpet.

There is always encapsulation by which you apply the detergent on the carpet. It turnes the the dust in small crystalls and afterwards you can vacuum the dirt. It is a good way for carpet cleaning SW10 and the carpet stays cleaner longer. It's weakness is that it doesn't work good on grease stains.

Another way is using foam generator on a cleaning machine. This method us useful because it saves time and you can clean large areas quickly but it has trouble with moderate level of dirt in the carpet and it requires hot water extraction in most cases.

You can always choose an alternative method to clean your carpet or hire an agency to do your carpet cleaning SW10 for you but where is the fun in that.


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